We are all tired of Covid-19, but it seems Covid-19 is not yet tired of us.

Sunday morning the province’s updated numbers showed 259 new cases, up from 67 cases for April 3.  The continuing rise of daily infections and the nearly doubling of the test positivity rate since the beginning of March has pushed the province to implement further restrictions and a call for community compliance.

Stay at home if you can.
Limit contacts.
Get a vaccine as soon as possible.

-Premier Brian Pallister

The vaccine progress has been slow but is increasing now with pop-up AstraZeneca sites at pharmacies and doctors’ clinics since recent changes in eligibility rules.  33% of Manitoba’s population over the age of 18 years has currently been vaccinated, but this falls well short of the 70% required for herd immunity.  ( Am I Eligible for the Vaccine?)



What has Changed?  Effective April 28, 2021

  • no visits inside or outside at private residences with the exception of people living alone who are allowed one assigned person
  • groups of 10 people will be allowed in public spaces only
  • cultural and faith-based groups will be restricted to 25% or 10 people whichever is lower
  • outdoor dining will be permitted in groups of four people only, but there will be no household restriction
  • food courts in malls will be closed
  • gyms and fitness centers will continue at 25% capacity but the social distancing will increase to 3m
  • outdoor sports events will have a limit of 1 parent or caregiver/youth with a 2 m physical distancing required
  • dance, theatre, and music schools will continue at 25% capacity but with a maximum of 10 people on site and 2m physical distancing maintained.
  • day camps will be allowed up to 10 children with physical distancing and masks required
  • retail stores will open at 25% capacity or 250 people whichever is lower
  • malls will be open at 25% facility capacity


What is the Big Picture? Why are We Doing This?

Our hospitals are getting full.  Variants of concern spread much easier than earlier strains of Covid-19 and we are seeing the majority of cases are variants of concern.  The increased number of cases means that we have more people admitted to hospitals and more to ICU.  Hospitalization is up 56% since last week.  In order to ensure that hospitals are able to care for all Manitobans when they need help, we must keep the numbers down until we can get the level of immunizations up.

Dr. Roussin drew attention to this graph, showing that we are currently in a position similar to October, just before our Covid situation skyrocketed.



In the 4 weeks that this order is in effect, 300,000 more Manitobans will be vaccinated, and it will give our hospitals time to catch up.  The government of Manitoba is calling on your help!


Public Health Orders set the foundation for reducing

the amount of contacts we have outside our household

but Public Health Orders cannot do this alone.

We need Manitobans to understand how critical we are right now

– in a race between vaccinations and variants of concern.

This means staying home as much as possible.

that is the best way to reduce your contacts.

-Brent Roussin


What is the Same?

As always, remember that your mask is not to protect you!  Your mask protects others and their mask protects you.  You can have contracted Covid-19 and you will not know it for 10-14 days, during which time you can be spreading the virus.  This is why masking is important even when you feel well.

When you feel unwell, please stay home and please get tested.