Dr. Brent Roussin Hosts an Urgent Press Conference

Dr. Brent Roussin announces public health orders to take effect 12:01 a.m. May 9 


Here is What You Need to Know

  • Outdoor meetings of max 5 people, masked if you cannot keep socially distanced –this includes household members, not in addition to household members
  • retail stores and malls will remain open to 10% of capacity or max 100 people (whichever is lower)
  • CLOSING:  gyms, fitness centers casinos/VLTs, museums, galleries and libraries, indoor sports, indoor community/religions/cultural gatherings, dance studios, music schools, day camps, personal services (including estheticians, barbers, salons, tanning)
  • Restaurants and bars will close to in-person dining indoors and on patios – take out and delivery only
  • Outdoor sports and recreation to a max of 5 participants and organized team sports will not be permitted
  • Self-Help groups to a maximum of 10 people



We have to take this strong action to protect our health care system to protect Manitobans. 

Everyone has that role to play now. 

Everyone can reduce the number of their contacts outside their home.

-Brent Roussin


What You Can Do

  • Follow the public health orders to protect yourself and others
  • Remember that just because you don’t have symptoms does not mean that you have not contracted the virus.  You may have it and not know yet – wear the mask just in case
  • Stay home if you are not well
  • Wear a mask in public spaces anytime you cannot be min. 6′ apart
  • Reduce your personal contacts
  • Even public outdoor gatherings should be strictly your household



Why Now?

Hospital Space Shortage:   

Covid related hospitalization has increased 140% in the past two weeks and is straining the Manitoba healthcare system.  Patients are younger and sicker with this wave of the virus; over 1/2 are under 70 years old and 20 percent are under 40 years old.  The Intensive Care patients has risen even more steeply than general admissions for Covid;  there are 160% more patients in ICU than 2 weeks ago.  Pandemic modeling data expects that our ICU levels will exceed the peak of the second wave by the May long weekend and could double again before summer.

Test Positivity Rates are Climbing: 

The test positivity rate is increasing and as of today is 9.6 percent provincially and 11.3 percent in Winnipeg.


Variants of Concern on the Rise

Variants of concern spread more quickly than the original virus and their rates are increasing in some cases at near exponential rates and are affecting younger and healthier populations.



The Big Picture:

Here are some graphs to show how Manitoba stands compared to other provinces.